Title of the project/ ProgramVaSkooli
TownTurku and Salo
Implementing institution/organizationTurku Vocational Institute
Age of target group15-25
Innovative elementsRelated to group activities:
1. Friends course: a tool for the grouping of immigrants, also helps to increase self-knowledge and a positive self-image and teachers’ techniques which assist in studying. Based on a programme developed in Australia.
2. Kotiovi cards: a functional tool for those working with youths. For immigrant
youths, many issues related to the Finnish everyday life are new: in a group they
get a chance to ask and discuss these issues. The cards give you a glimpse of the future everyday life in your own home.
Related to education
3. Getting to know the practical language and profession: once a week the students go to workplaces, and participate in pre-arranged tasks
4. Different trainings which prepare for vocational studies and basic education, aimed at immigrant youths
5. Parents’ evenings for the parents of immigrant youths who study at the vocational institute
6. TET-tori: in learning environment Moodle, available practical training places which
have tentatively promised to take on a trainee
Why is your project considered good practice?The project was effective. It created new kind of education model, which provides better support for immigrant youths
Also the project tested new kinds of group activities (e.g. knitting socks with Finnish people, reading for children at kindergartens, Friends group)
  1. cooperation at the transitional stage and developing communication
  2. development of the existing education and the staff of the educational institutions
  3. development, trials and implementation of new guidance and support actions
  4. development of new forms of cooperation and networks
Key activitiesSeveral, e.g. different group activities
Instruction preparing for basic education, aimed at immigrant youths
Support classes for immigrants
Info evenings on education in the participants’ own languages (possibility for interpreters)
Expected resultsPrevent marginalization and promote equality.
More immigrant youths to vocational schoos.
Create more cooperation between education providers. New, flexible education models. New counselling and support models.
For further reading or information (in Finnish)
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Mika Salonen puh. 040 162 8450