Dialogue in Italy: youth work tools and support to refugees and asylum seekers

An event was organised on Friday 15th of December at  the Salesians’ Santa Chiara centre, which had become a point of reference for the immigrants in Palermo. The place indeed hosts recently arrived immigrants, providing advice and orientation and childcare facilities. Many youth workers and volunteers work daily in the centre organising leisure activities for the hosting people.

The aim of the event was to share the intellectual outputs of the Papyrus project with an audience composed by youth workers and young refugees.

The platform that contains the main results already developed was showed. The comparative report with the existing activities with migrants organised in each partner countries from different organisations and institutions and the toolkit n.1.

The toolkit, called “Multicultural understandings and working in Multicultural Environments with Youth Refugees” is designed to support youth workers carrying out activities with young migrants and contains also activities for youth workers that can reflect about the concept of multiculturalism.

During the event some youth workers that  belong to the “Quality assessment & monitoring committee” in Italy could share also their opinion regarding the Papyrus project and the toolkit. Pictures of the “Centro Diaconale La Noce- Istituto Valdese”  were shared with the audience: Syrian families and young refugees put in practice the activities described in the toolkit. They were really helpful for the Papyrus project.

In January the Papyrus team will meet in Manchester to discuss the first year of the PAPYRUS Project and the steps forward will be made for the next year.