Our team

Karolina works for the Manchester Metropolitan University as the Research Associate. She has studied sociology in Poland and after participation in one of the research projects, which had been conducted in prison, she decided to direct her academic development into the field of criminology and forensic studies. Her scientific interest motivated her to move to UK where she studied criminology. Previously Karolina worked for the local council and has been responsible for the engagement with migrant communities. Karolina has always been involved in the community and voluntary work: she used to be a scout leader of the sailing team in Poland, she participated in the educational project in Ukraine and, at present, she supports the local Polish Community as a police volunteer.

Karolina Kardas

Project Coordinator

Daria lives in Palermo has a bachelor degree in International Relations and Modern Languages and after some experiences abroad, in Spain and in Senegal with the EVS programme. She has  cultural mediator. Since 2015 she has started working for CESIE. There, she gained knowledge and skills on how to work with migrants with non-formal learning methodologies. Her involvement in the project PAPYRUS is due to her belief that youth workers approach can be more efficient in the work with migrants.

Daria La Barbera

Djordje is youth worker from Raska. He has been working with WEBIN since 2013 as manager of youth&education projects. With support of WEBIN he initiated the founding of municipal youth office in Raska. Djordje completed a basic program for youth workers organized by Serbian Association of Youth Work Practitioners (NAPOR) and Youth Leadership Academy organized by Serbian Youth Council (KOMS). Professionally Djordje is project drafter and trainer in the field of civic activism and community engagement. Djordje has a bachelor degree in political sciences from Belgrade University.

Djordje Radoicic

Maria has a Bachelor degree in Economics of European and International Integration and a Master in Political Economy from La Sapienza University, Rome, Italy. During her studies, Maria developed a special interest for statistics, economic inequalities and economy of migration, for which the latter two became the main focus of her Master thesis.

In Malta she gained practical knowledge about migratory experiences through the involvement in volunteering projects, at first with unaccompanied minors and later with adults.

Her involvement in the project PAPYRUS is due to her personal interest in awareness raising activities on migration, but also to her belief that all the society have to be ready and welcoming with foreigners, without discrimination on the status, the origin or the reason why they moved.

Maria di Domenico

Ayu Pratiwi holds Ph.D. in International Studies from the University of Tokyo Japan. Her current research interests are international migration and its effects on development. She was an analyst with the World Bank and National University of Singapore. Prior to assisting with PAPYRUS project at  Turku University of Applied Sciences, she has conducted fieldworks in Ethiopia and Indonesia on topics related to agricultural economics and rural social networks.

Ayu Pratiwi

In Papyrus Inga has been working on Providing Psychosocial support for Youth Refugees-training kit. Inga has studied in Turku University of Applied Sciences and has a Bachelor degree in Social Services. Inga has also graduated from University of Turku and holds an MA in history. Ingas background is multicultural since she has lived in Estonia and Finland and speaks Russian, Estonian and Finnish. In Papyrus many of Ingas interests as developing, work with migrants and well-being come true. Inga enjoys all kind of sports and nature in her free time.

Inga Manzos

Marko Stojanović is double-degree economist, specialist on EU and Asia-Pacific regions. He has 10 year of professional experience in civil society sector in Serbia, Western Balkans region and the EU. Fields of education, employment and youth policy constitute the areas of Markos expertize in which he made a mark. He is a member of several professional bodies and societies. Marko has been frequently publishing in the areas of his expertize. Marko has respectable project management experience and is a prominent project expert in the region, which is certified by numerous large-scale projects that he has authored, implemented and sucessfully closed in Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, UK, Austria and other countries. Marko is a pioneer in policy development on entrepereneurship education and training in Serbia. He is a member of TEACH team of trainers, established through a TEMPUS project, and he delivers training in project management, EU funding opportunities, lobbying and entrepreneurship. Marko is a Development Director at Belgrade-based Western Balkans Institute.

Marko Stojanović

Geraldine Lee-Treweek is sociologist and university professor. She is a founder of PAPYRUS project. At her work at Manchester Metropolitan University, she was a founder of Europe’s only generic Abuse Studies degree and leader of the practitioner courses in this field. Geraldine is involved in a wide range of evaluation projects and research in transmigration, creating sustainable communities, xenophobia and racism in high school education (£340,000 Big Lottery research project with the Cheshire, Halton and Warrington Race and Equality Centre, UK). Sponsors of Geraldine’s previous research include UK research councils, charities and central and local government. In a previous career, Dr Lee-Treweek was a youth worker with black and minority ethnic migrant communities and trained in developing distance learning platforms and materials for practitioners whilst a Lecturer at the School of Health and Social Welfare, The Open University, UK. In addition, she is the co-founder of the Crewe and Nantwich Talk2 Conversational English community group (started in 2009), which helps refugees and migrants gain language skills to help with employability and social inclusion.

Geraldine Lee

Since 2011 Jelena has been an Executive director of Belgrade based Western Balkans Institute. She is also a TEACH team trainer. As a trained expert in European Affairs, Jelena holds MA in European Studies (European International Politics track) from Maastricht University, the Netherlands, and a HE Diploma with distinction in International Economics with concentration on European Union and North American Area Studies. She appeared in the Who’s Who annual list of the best students in the U.S.; she was a merit-based undergraduate scholarship holder graduating on top of the class and the Royal Netherlands embassy scholarship holder for Master studies. Jelena is a PMI certified project manager. Jelena is a proficient user of English language, and an independent user of French and Spanish. Her native language is Serbian.

Jelena Nastic

Outi works for the Turku University of Applied Sciences, Social Degree Programme, as a Senior Teacher and Researcher. She has studied Social politics and Social Work at the University of Turku. Her main interest was child protection and she used to work as a Social Worker in child protection for many years. Outi gave her PhD Thesis year 2007 connected to the project based development work with children, young people and families. Past years she has concentrated on working with migrant young people in different kind of projects. Outi loves to teach creative and innovative participatory methods as an Expressive Arts teacher. Outi has four children with Timo.

Outi Linnossuo

Rob is a Professor of Public Policy with research interests focussing on policy processes in education. In particular, the international movement of ideas and practices in education and social policy.

Rob has published work on inter and trans-professionalism which has attracted international attention from scholars and educators. His work is cited in public professional training programmes in Canada, Australia and the USA, and he was recently elected President of the Special Interest Group (SIG) on Education Human Services Linkages. He has recently led a review of Children and Young People’s mental health for the NHS in Cumbria.

Rob Hulme

She has a Bachelor degree in Psychology and since 2009 she is the coordinator of the Mobility Department at CESIE. She works as a project manager and trainer with the aim to promote social inclusion and empowerment of young migrants, with a special focus on asylum seekers and unaccompanied minors, at local and international level. Recently, she is the coordinator of the Migration Unit at CESIE that manages local and international projects about intercultural dialogue, human rights, fight against racism and xenophobia.

Roberta Lo Bianco

Hanna works for the Turku University of Applied Sciences, Social Degree Programme. She works as a Senior Teacher and is currently involved in many projects as well. Hanna is a qualified Social Worker and has master’s degree from political sciences. As a Social Worker, she mainly worked with adults and families, including migrants as well. Hanna is always eager to study more and she is currently studying to be a solution-focused brief therapist, and is starting her PhD studies as well. She is interested about different cultures and loves to travel in her free time.

Hanna Kirjavainen