PAPYRUS: Sustain quality youth work focusing on migrants and refugees

What strategies would we use to motivate youth workers’ work?

PAPYRUS project intends to improve the standard of youth work that focuses on migrants and refugees by developing outcomes such as:

  • good practices comparative analysis,
  • toolkits for youth workers,
  • a dedicated website on which youth workers can share their best practices and download the toolkits.

The first activity of the project was the creation of a mapping report in which best practices from partner countries were combined.

The second activity, and the current phase of the project, is the development and improvement of the toolkits. Each partner is in charge of the creation and completion of one toolkit.

However, in order to guarantee the quality and the completeness of the toolkits, quality assessment committees are created in each partner country to give feedback on these toolkits. The committee consists of youth workers, both professionals and in training, as well as persons with a migration background.  Indeed, the Committee in Palermo is composed by some youth workers who work with migrants, refugees and asylum seekers in their daily lives.

Amongst the participants where educators, social assistants, cultural mediators, a psychologist and persons who are in charge of comunità where small groups of migrants under 18 live together. They were also asked to give feedback on the structure and contents of the toolkit, which they will send by email. However, the first reactions to the toolkit and the project were positive.

The week after, on 25th and 26th October, the Committee experience was shared also during the partner meeting in Malta. Other things that were on the agenda included:

  • the discussion of the toolkit 2, 3 and 4,
  • dissemination techniques,
  • the website of PAPYRUS and the first multiplier event lead in Palermo – we will present the website, the mapping report and the first toolkit.