Presented tools in youth work with young migrants

Conference titled “Tools in youth work with young migrants” was held on Wednesday 18/04/2018 in the House of Human Rights and Democracy in Belgrade.

The conference gathered over 80 participants and was hosted by the Western Balkans Institute &PAPYRUS project partners. Among participants there were numerous migration experts, youth workers, as well as representatives of several foundations, German Association for International Cooperation, networks of psychosocial innovations, Belgrade Center for Human Rights, Danish Refugee Council, International Aid Network and numerous representatives from the field of youth work.

The conference was opened by Mr. Marko Stojanović from the Western Balkans Institute and introduction notes were delivered by Ms. Karolina Kardaš from the Manchester Metropolitan University, Mr. Nemanja Dragićević – representative of TEMPUS Foundation in Serbia, Mr. Ivan Topalović – board member of NAPOR (National Association of Youth Workers in Serbia) and Mr. Igor Stojilović – board member of KOMS (Serbian Youth Council).

After the introduction, Ms. Karolina Kardaš presented examples of good practices in the integration of young migrants throughout Europe, while Ms. Caroline Dickinson from CESIE, Italy, presented toolkit on the work with migrants in a multicultural environment. Ms. Maria Di Domenico from KOPIN, Malta, spoke about social inclusion of young migrants while Ms. Outi Linnossuo from the Turku University of Applied Sciences in Finland, presented a range of tools and materials for providing socio-economic support to young migrants. Finally, the tools on employment and socio-economic empowerment of young migrants were presented by Mr. Marko Stojanović from the Western Balkans Institute.

All presented materials were made available at project portal

After the presentations, discussion took place. Mr. Igor Stojilović from KOMS pointed out that through educational programs, the refugees may feel welcomed and that the level of tolerance may also be leveraged. Mr. Ivan Topalović from NAPOR talked about the necessity of creating changes in social systems through education and social protection. All participants agreed that the tools developed within the PAPYRUS project contribute to better inclusion and integration of young migrants into hosting societies.

The conference was closed by Mr. Marko Stojanović who thanked local and foreign participants and partners on the project on the achieved results, inspiring presentations and good discussion.

In the afternoon, the PAPYRUS team 6th held its working meeting.

The conference was organized within the PAPYRUS project funded by the National Agency UK within the Erasmus + Program, Strategic Partnerships for Youth.