Amazing People of the World (APOW)

Title of the project/ ProgramAmazing People of the World (APOW)
Town/CityCroydon, London, UK
Implementing institution/organizationRefugee Youth (Charity)
Age of target group15-20 years old
Scope of target group/Group size30-40 people each week

10-15 leaders at the monthly meetings

Innovative elementsSuccessful cooperation between charity Refugee Youth and Croydon Youth Services. Project utilizes creative expression to explore the identities of the individuals and the group.
Why is this project considered good practice?Young people are involved at every stage of the projects, including planning, facilitation and evaluation.
ObjectivesProject aims for young people to:

  • learn from each other and our cultures
  • feel proud of themselves & each other and enjoy working together
  • learn what is available for them in the community and not feel isolated
  • develop confidence, social skills, teamwork and leadership
Key activities
  • animation skills
  • banner making
  • dance
  • discussions
  • film making
  • mask making
  • participatory photography
  • poster designing
  • visual arts
Expected results
  • Young refugees feel empowered and they regain self-dignity
  • Barriers and prejudices between people from different communities, backgrounds and generations are broken down
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