C.I.M.A. Growing Integration Through Agriculture

Title of the project / ProgramC.I.M.A. Growing Integration Through Agriculture (Coltivare Integrazione Mediante Agricoltura)
Town/ CityRome, Italy
Implementing institution/organizationCentro Astalli Rome, Fondazione Terzo Pilastro (Financer of the project), Associazione Terra! Onlus, Cooperativa Agricola CO.R.AG.GIO,  Associazione Agologia and the Municipality of Rome III
Age of target group16-19 years
Size of the group8-10 people hosted by Centro Astalli
Innovative elementsThe project offers practical knowledge and skills to young migrants that might prove useful in finding a job in the agriculture and gardening sector, while giving the chance to them to integrate in the Italian society.
Why is this project considered a good practice?The participants monitor and communicate their own activity through photography and their  progress was presented at the end of the project with the reveal of a vertical garden in Centro Astalli in Rome.
ObjectivesTo give young refugees and asylum seekers the chance to cultivate their gardening skills, facilitate their social integration and enhance the opportunities for job placement.
Key activities Gardening, horticulture and environmental education activities
Duration 8 months
For further reading or information http://asud.net/c-i-m-a-coltivare-integrazione-mediante-agricoltura/