Title of the project/ ProgramMANO
TownOulu, Finland
Implementing institution/organizationThe city of Oulu
Age of target group16-25
Scope of target groupOver 250
Innovative elementsA cooperation group. Educational actors and authorities working with immigrant youths were invited as members (about 30 members, gathers 4 times a year).

In addition, a transitional stage team which focused especially on the cooperation in the transitional stages of education and on developing the transfer of information on the youth (is comprised of 8 contact persons of educational institutes, gathers 4 times a year).

A form for transferring information at the transition stage.

Peer group activities for young immigrants studying towards a vocational degree.

Why is your project considered good practice?Good feedback from the target group. The project also achieved its aims and created a service model, which is now integrated as a part of Oulu’s migrant services.
ObjectivesThe primary task of the MANO project was to create a guidance service model related to the educational and working life path of youths with an immigrant background. The nature of the operations was supportive at the transitional stages of education and preventative in terms of exclusion.

The aim of the guidance project was also to tighten the cooperation between the educational institutes and authorities in the Oulu region. By developing the flow of information, the aim is to build for the youth a path of education and working life that is appropriate, whole and meaningful from the point of view of the youth.

Key activitiesIndividual, group and peer support and free-form guidance

Café activities

Photography – workshop and exhibition


Expected resultsCreate an integrated education path to migrant youths.
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