NiCER – Innovative Methods for Integration of Young Refugees

Title of the project / ProgramNiCER – Innovative Methods for Integration of Young Refugees
Town/ CityRome, Italy
Implementing institution/organizationAIDROM (Ecumenical Association of Churches from Romania)

Italian partners :

CIOFS (Lead Partner) & Alfea Cinematografica Pisa

Age of target group9-25 years old
Size of the group15 (in each city)
Innovative elementsTheatre, creative writing and language learning related activities and in the creation of an trans European documentary about the project.
Why is this project considered a good practice? The project offers the chance to young migrants to enhance their language skills, while interacting with locals on a more personal/friendly level.
ObjectivesTo empower young refugees, boost their creativity and make their stories heard and felt through performing arts, interaction and role play with young locals (9-25).
Key activities Drama activities (4 months -4 hours per week)

Written production

Language activities (4 months -2 hours per week).

Duration 1 year
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