Title of the project/ ProgramNuMaT
TownWhole Finland
Implementing institution/organizationFinnish Institute of Occupational Health
Age of target groupYoung immigrants (not specified)
Innovative elements1. Video guides for young immigrants for taking care of their ability to work. The themes of the videos (5 pcs) are employment, orientation, adaptation in the work community, maintaining the ability to work at work and on spare time.
2. Tips for the workplace for supporting a multicultural youth
3. A group guidance model and a group instructor’s guide for supporting the ability to work of multicultural youths
Why is your project considered good practice?Resourceful and versatile materials which offer material also for the employer, according to the perspective of two-way integration
ObjectivesTo support foreign-language and multicultural young adults in the attachment to professional and working life by taking care of their ability to work and study. The concrete aims of the project were to produce

  1. information on the employment strategies of immigrants and employers’ tips for young immigrants looking for jobs;
  2. guides for immigrants and employers for the orientation in the work and supporting the ability to work of immigrant youths;
  3. a model for the promotion of the ability to work and employment of young immigrants;
  4. networking and bringing together different actors to create an atmosphere which supports change and encourages it as well to improve communications.
Key activitiesThe information was collected by interviewing employed young immigrants, employers and work communities. In addition, good models of operation and practices from earlier immigrant projects were compiled. The models of operation were tested at workshops aimed at immigrant youths.
Expected resultsFurther young immigrants’ working ability. Promote tolerance and equality in working life. Improve young workers’ careers, health and other well-being.
For further reading or informationThe material is available online (in Finnish):
Anne Salmi, anne.salmi(at)
tel. +35830 474 6013