Promotion of responsible and professional reporting on issues related to migrants and refugees

TITLE OF PROJECT / ProgramPromotion of responsible and professional reporting on issues related to migrants and refugees
Implementing institution/organizationBELGRADE CENTER FOR HUMAN RIGHTS
Age of target group20 – 35
Scope of target group20
Innovative elementsProvision of supportive environment for migrants in the media through objective reporting
Why is your project considered good practice?The project should improve professional capacity of young journalists who are at the beginning of their professional carrier. It should also reaffirm the role of the meida in strengthening human rights and rule of law and in influencing public opinion to create firendly and supportive environment for migrants.
ObjectivesAim of the project is to build capacity of young journalists and the media as well as to raise awareness of general public about migrants crisis, in order to influence public opinion through transparent and responsible resporting. The project should in the long run contribute to strengthening rule of law and respect of human rights.
Key activities24 training sessions for journalists, meetings with stakeholders, publishing of articles
DurationJanuary- May 2017
Expected resultsImproved capacities of 20 young journalists to report on migrant and refugee issues in responsible way,                                                                       Professional contacts established between young journalists and state stakeholders (state bodies, civil society, international organizations) acting in the field of migrations                                                         Min. 8 media pieces published or broadcast (TV, radio, press)                   Improved awareness of general public about migrants and refugees
Number of engaged persons1 project coordinator + 20 lecturers
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