Title of the project/ Program Serene
Town/City Finland
Implementing institution/organization Turku Region Crisis Centre
Age of target group Adults 15<
Size of the group 4-8 persons
Innovative elementsTo provide information on mental adjustment and mental health in connection with moving to a new country.

The info provided in small groups gives tools to understand and manage the challenging psychological situation related to integration. The small group meetings related to the other opening info events for people with a refugee background decrease the stigma related to mental health issues and can lower the threshold for seeking help when necessary.

The opening info events are suitable for the entity of the integration plan and integration education

Why is this project considered a good practice?  When information about different reactions is given timely it may help to understand own experiences and bring relief. It lowers the threshold to speak and seek help.
Objectives To provide information on mental adjustment and mental health
Key activitiesThe model of operations includes two modelled opening info contents: 

1. THE MENTAL ADJUSTMENT OF IMMIGRANTS Discussion in small groups on what kind of challenges are often encountered by people who have moved to Finland. Additional discussion on what kind of means help coping with these challenges.

2. MENTAL AND PHYSICAL HEALTH: Discussion in small groups on what good mental health means and how you can increase your own mental and physical well-being.

The participants also get information on where to find help in different problem situations.

The opening info events and discussions according to the themes are carried out in small groups of 4–8 participants. It is recommended that the opening info events are organized separately for men and women. The opening info events on mental adjustment and mental health comprise two meetings, which can be arranged in consecutive weeks. This enables a process-like quality: between the events, the participants have time to contemplate on the discussed themes and they can be returned to in the second meeting.

The created material enables organizing the opening info events easily with little orientation. A PowerPoint which includes pictures makes following the themes easier and animates the event. A summary in text format has been created for the team leader. Based on the summary, going through the information content is easy. The material takes interpreting work into account. The info events also include small, bodily stabilizing exercises, which may help to regulate alertness and increase the safety of the situation.

Duration Years 2012-2016
Expected results Opening info events provide information and lower the threshold to seek help.
Number of engaged persons There is no exact information about number of participants (hundreds of people), opening info events are organized in small groups.