Title of the project/ ProgramSpark
Age of target groupBetween 18 and 25
Innovative elementsSpark 15 is the first young refugee-led organisation in Malta.
Why is this project considered a good practice?Provides voice to young refugees who are able to advocate for their rights.
ObjectivesTo encourage other young refugees to become active participants and agents of inclusive societies in Malta, and beyond.
Key activitiesSpark is a group of 15 young people, mainly beneficiaries of international but also national forms of humanitarian protection. The group had birth from the consultation process linked to the AGD Project and is actively supported in terms of logistics and network from Integra Foundation, Organization for Friendship in Diversity and UNHCR Malta. The group provides support to young migrants in access to education, but it also works in advocacy related to other fields, namely: employment, access to documents, integration, risk of deportation, financial assistance and access to health care.
Expected resultsInspire young beneficiaries of protection to become active participants and agents of inclusive societies.
Number of engaged persons15 young people
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