The role of informal education in the empowerment of young migrants

On Thursday 24th May, Kopin organised the event “The role of informal education in the empowerment of young migrants”. The event has seen people working in different fields coming together and discussing the outcomes of the project PAPYRUS, besides testing some of the exercises.

During the first part of the morning, the platform was presented in detail. Participants had the chance to see all the sections and look at the outputs, but also to ask questions about specific aspects and activities of the project.

After a short coffee break, participants were divided into three groups, each of them focusing on one topic: Multiculturalism, Economic empowerment and Psychosocial support

Each group was introduced to the topic through a presentation of the training kits developed and then invited to test some of the exercises proposed. It was really interesting to see participants from different backgrounds trying to complete the proposed exercises and their feedback was really useful to the project.

The opinions of the participants have been collected once the exercises were concluded, but also during the networking lunch that was offered at the end of the morning.

This was the first of the two events that will be organised in Malta. The second one will be organised towards the end of the year and will aim at presenting all the outputs of the project.