PAPYRUS: New youth worker toolkit on Social inclusion of Refugee Families and Young People

What strategies would we use to motivate youth workers’ in their work with migrants and refugees?

New activities and exercises are available on Papyrus platform. This time the topic is focused on social inclusion of Refugee Families and Young People.

Why Social inclusion?

Because this process ensures people gaining the opportunities and resources necessary to participate fully in economic, social and cultural life.

The first part of the toolkit aims at providing individual skills and knowledge in order to better define and understand the problem of social exclusion; whilst the second part provides tools and ideas that can be replicated during educational activities with the target group.

Self-reflection exercises and activities want to prepare communities to be welcoming and inclusive. Additionally, in this Toolkit project ideas that have shown positive effects in facilitating the inclusion process are presented.

Also for this toolkit, a Quality Assessment and Monitoring Committee composed by youth workers provides information to partners on efficiency, consistency, effectiveness, relevance of the toolkit adding also activities and ideas.

On Wednesday 18 April 2018 the WEBIN association will organise the Multiplier event to present Papyrus project at  Human Rights House in Belgrade  with the participation of all the project’s partner.