Papyrus: training kit for youth workers working with refugees

A clear and common view on what is youth work would create a real definition of youth work. Anyway, Europe recognizes a strategic role to the youth work as it offers a real space for sharing and exchanging between generations. Recently, due to the high percentage of young migrants, youth workers need to strengthen some competences to work with them.

The Papyrus project –  Professional Action and Practice for Youth Refugees and Asylum Seekers – develops the competence of those working with migrant youth. The primary target group of the project is youth workers and those studying towards the profession.

The training kit developed by the partners will be available in an open-access website with multi-language training packages that each youth worker can download anytime. The topics of the training kit are different and related to multiculturalism, inclusion, economy, abuse prevention.

Moreover, a Quality Assessment and Monitoring Committee will be created to provide information to partners on what worked, what did not, and why determining the efficiency, consistency, effectiveness, relevance, and sustainability of project results and outcomes.

The main aim of the Papyrus project is to raise the standards of youth work around working with migrants and refugees through consolidating knowledge and skills around working with these vulnerable young people.